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Fallacies about Regrowing the Hair Health Articles | April 18 http://www.cheapfinlandhockeyjerseys.com/mikko-koskinen-jersey/ , 2012
Hair regrowth has been a subject of various misconceptions and fallacies that can sometimes affect the way people respond to hair loss.

Hair regrowth has been a subject of various misconceptions and fallacies that can sometimes affect the way people respond to hair loss.

The thought of hair regrowth is an important matter for people who are experiencing hair loss because at some point, it can bear a practical solution.

However, some people do not fully understand the mechanics of hair growth. They are misled by the fallacies of what entices the hair to regrow, and at most times, they end up scouting over the wrong measures.

Listed below are some of the fallacies that are very prevalent among hair loss sufferers:

聽聽聽 * Cutting the hair frequently will make it grow faster. No matter how often the hair is cut http://www.cheapfinlandhockeyjerseys.com/ , it will still grow at about 1.25 centimetres or 0.5 inches per month. Constantly cutting it short cannot affect the growth rate of the hair nor can it foster regrowth in the scalp areas with thinning hair.
聽聽聽 * Frequent brushing hastens hair regrowth. Frequently brushing the hair can stimulate blood circulation and thus, encourages regrowth. Although it is acknowledged that proper blood circulation is important in the distribution of essential nutrients in the body, there is no scientific study that supports the concept that frequent brushing can indeed increase blood flow in the scalp. In contrary, constantly brushing the hair can stress the hair strands and pull off the hair roots.
聽聽聽 * Shampooing the hair frequently makes the hair grow faster. Shampooing can help create a healthy environment for the hair; however, it does not influence hair growth in any case. Discordant to such belief is the fact that shampooing more than twice a day can actually dry the hair strands by stripping off the natural moisture of the scalp and hair.

These fallacies can delude hair loss sufferers from seeking appropriate hair loss treatments. External factors such as cutting the hair http://www.cheapfinlandhockeyjerseys.com/teuvo-teravainen-jersey/ , brushing, or shampooing rarely affect the actual hair growth.

Hair growth itself is an internal process that is affected by the biological factors within the human body. It involves the absorption of essential nutrients, the condition of the hair follicles, hormonal production, and genetic makeup.

It is important to understand the real context behind hair regrowth so that effective treatments will be sought instead of working over fallacies that can worsen the hair problem.

In some states http://www.cheapfinlandhockeyjerseys.com/jori-lehtera-jersey/ , throwing out large quantities of electronics in the trash is illegal. Fortunately, there are several options available that will help get rid of your business junk.

Computer Removal


If the computers are still in working order, there are several people within your community who could benefit from owning one, regardless of how old or outdated they are. Contact local non-profit organizations, shelters http://www.cheapfinlandhockeyjerseys.com/patrik-laine-jersey/ , or thrift stores and find out if they offer any pick-up services, or if a drop-off can be arranged.

Hewlett-Packard has an easy-to-use “Donate” section on their website, and best of all, it’s available for almost all computer brands. By filling out a few forms, you can find out quickly if your company’s computers are eligible for donation. You will then be matched with a recipient and be guided through the process of finalizing the donation.


The environmentally friendly alternative to donating your office’s old computers is to have them recycled. Hewlett-Packard offers an extensive recycling program http://www.cheapfinlandhockeyjerseys.com/lauri-korpikoski-jersey/ , accepting rechargeable batteries, cell phones, HP inkjet and LaserJet cartridges, along with any brand of computer. HP doesn’t yet have a service that will pick up your unwanted computers, but their website will calculate the cost of shipping and processing. Just box them up and arrange a FedEx pick-up http://www.cheapfinlandhockeyjerseys.com/leo-komarov-jersey/ , and your office will soon be clear of antiquated computer clutter.

If your business is in the State of California and has over 2+ working laptops or 10+ items to recycle, the Computer Repair Center offers a pick-up service for a fee. Visit their website (crc.org) for more information.

Be sure to wipe all data from hard drives before donating or recycling.

Furniture Removal


The Salvation Army will pick up any large items you’d like to donate, and will supply you with a tax deduction receipt. Call local churches, food banks, or other non-profit groups http://www.cheapfinlandhockeyjerseys.com/mikko-koivu-jersey/ , as they may be in need of office furniture but cannot afford or justify the expense of purchasing it new.


A quick search on Google for “used office furniture” will yield dozens of resellers from around the country. Chairs, desks, lighting fixtures, bookshelves, and even cubicles are examples of office furniture that can be resold. With new cubicles ranging anywhere from $500-$1500 dollars each http://www.cheapfinlandhockeyjerseys.com/jussi-jokinen-jersey/ , there are several businesses striving to take their dollars further by purchasing previously owned furniture.

Document Removal


If you’re disposing several documents containing old client profiles or tax data, you will need to do so in a manner that protects sensitive information.

There are several paper shredding companies who will come to your office and dispose of the documents on-site. Shred-It arrives in a cube truck outfitted with multiple paper shredders, and their employees will transfer your documents to their truck where they will then proceed with destroying all files behind a locked security screen.

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