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Concrete fasteners are used to attach metal or wood to concrete. Your fastener distributor offers a wide selection of concrete fasteners T. J. Logan Jersey , specially designed for various applications. Light and medium duty jobs require smaller and shorter fasteners, whereas heavy duty concrete applications call for industrial-type fasteners. Find out the differences and learn how to choose the ideal concrete fasteners for your project.

Light Duty and Medium Duty

Most household applications require light duty concrete fasteners, such as concrete screws and plastic anchors. Once the pilot hole has been drilled into the concrete (for anchors) Chad Williams Jersey , these fasteners are used to attach materials to the concrete surface. They can handle limited weight and are often designed for all types of weather and climates.

Common applications include hanging brackets on a concrete or brick wall or attaching the base plate of a wood-framed wall to a concrete slab. Your fastener distributor offers these fasteners in a variety of lengths and heads, and can often be purchased in smaller quantities as well as in bulk.

For more extensive projects, medium duty concrete fasteners are available Budda Baker Jersey , such as sleeve anchors. These approach the strength and design of industrial fasteners, but remain accessible and applicable to the average homeowner or handyman. Sleeve anchors require a pilot hole. When the nut on one end of the sleeve anchor is tightened against the joint surface, a cone shaped shaft expands the sleeve Haason Reddick Jersey , which then grip the sides of the concrete hole providing an anchor.

A sleeve anchor is the stronger version of a hammer-set anchor, holding more weight and offering better long-term stability. You’ll find a wider range of sizes (including lengths and diameter) for sleeve anchors, but they also take longer to install. Gauge the strength required before you choose between these two common concrete fasteners.

Heavy Duty

Depending on the size and material used on sleeve anchors Christian Kirk Jersey , these fasteners may also be considered heavy duty. When permanence is required, most contractors shift to a wedge anchor. Offering a tight, strong hold in concrete Josh Rosen Jersey , brick and mortar, wedge anchors also work in natural stone and all types of concrete.

Common applications for wedge anchors and heavy duty sleeve anchors include mounting various framing members to stone or concrete foundations. Your fastener distributor carries common diameters from 14-inch to 1-inch, with several lengths available.

Tools and Accessories

Besides a quality power driver or impact wrench Carson Palmer Jersey , you will need a hammer drill to work with concrete fasteners. Hammer drills provide the power to core through concrete and stone, creating the pilot holes required for many of the above fasteners. Be sure to pick up masonry bits for this type of work, as standard bits do not have the structure required.

Concrete screws can be installed without pre-drilling Patrick Peterson Jersey , but do require a high- powered driver. If you will be working with concrete fasteners on a regular basis or have a large project to complete, these tools and accessories are well worth the cost. Hammer drills and impact drivers can be used for a wide range of projects, including outdoor and indoor applications.

Talk to your fastener distributor about the types of concrete fasteners available. They can provide direction and advice specific to your application.

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