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In the first iteration Nampalys Mendy Jersey , I will be conducting a general evaluation and assessment of the company鈥檚 network systems. It is through this evaluation that I will be in a position to map out all the types of needs and some of the security issues that the network might be exposed to or which may be a threat to the existence of the network. Additionally, the iteration is going to encompass a comprehensive review of the requirements that a network administrator is required to exhibit in their work of network administration. In the process of brainstorming, I will be looking some of the skills that are essentially important to the network administrator. Additionally, I will look at some of the issues that network administrators are likely to face in their work of network administration.
Knowing the skills and some of the issues faced by network administrators will be key to the improvement that I need and an excellent opportunity to the improvement of the knowledge and practical skills about network administrators that I already possess. Furthermore Matty James Jersey , this combination is what I am looking forward to making me a competent network administrator as well as the exposure to the network administration to the company. In this iteration, I will also interact with the heads of departments. I believe this will be one way through which I will be indoctrinated and oriented to the culture of the company. The interaction between the company and I will involve getting introduced to the various departments at the company. These are the key departments at the company which heavily rely on the networks and computer interconnections at the company. Additionally, these are the departments which are imperative for the way network is accessed at the company (Clemm, 2016).
It is also through my engagement with the company in the iteration that I will clearly understand the operations at the company. I will also have a clear picture of the need for the company to have a reliable functioning network. Therefore Marcin Wasilewski Jersey , I will be required to be attentive to everything that I will be learning through the people with which I will be interacting throughout the iteration. The iteration is going to offer me a comprehensive picture of the roles that are supposed to be undertaken by the network administrator thus enhancing the operations of a company and improving the quality of work.
The main reason for being at the company was for generating creative ideas and solutions by intensively discussing network administration and network administrator. However, I did not start holding discussions and over viewing the company鈥檚 network infrastructure without first being introduced to the departments and more so the department in which I was going to base my operations. The prime thing I did on arriving at the company was getting introduced to the heads of different departments. The company had several departments which I would not have exhausted immediately on that day. I went through the department of IT and the HR department further proceeding to other departments which would be of importance during my stay at the company (Mool, 2015).
I further proceeded to the division of network administration within the department of IT. The division of the network administration was the one responsible for the daily operations and running of the networks at the company. The department, through the network administrator Marc Albrighton Jersey , was responsible for the organization, installation, and supporting of the company鈥檚 computer systems. The computer systems also included the local area networks (LANs) and wide area networks (WANs) as well as network segments and intranets among other data communication systems at the company and its branches. The above understanding gave me a clear and comprehensive picture of what the department of IT and the division of network administration was responsible as far as the company was concerned. Having known that, I held an interactive group discussion with the network administrator who was able to outline the roles of a network administrator as follow (Tatum Luis Hernandez Jersey , 2012):
(i) Installation of the network and computer systems
(ii) Maintenance, repairing and upgrading of the company鈥檚 network and the computer systems.
(iii) Diagnosing and fixing various problems and potential problems associated with the company鈥檚 network and its software, hardware, and systems.
(iv) Closely monitoring the network and the systems thus improving the performance of the network.
The above roles of a network administrator as explained by the chief network administrator served as an eye opener. It sounded something new which I had not heard of before. Additionally Leonardo Ulloa Jersey , the network administrator went on to explain some of the skills I was supposed to exhibit if I was to make it in the field of the network administrator. It was also during this time that the network administrator comprehensively made me understand some of the issues faced by a network administrator in their work (Horton, 2016).


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