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Do You Really Need A Website To Succeed Home Business Articles | October 26 Gray DeAndre Jordan Jersey , 2003
Do You Really Need A Website To ... BB Lee ... ... wants to share her ... poetry with a wider ... Alas, poor Rosalind lives in a remote town. Jonathan is a gra

Do You Really Need A Website To Succeed?
by BB Lee (C)2003

355 Words

Rosalind wants to share her inspirational poetry with a
wider community. Alas, poor Rosalind lives in a remote town.

Jonathan is a graphics artist who settled in a mountain
resort community after he left college. He would like to
start a graphics business in this new location but office
space in local buildings is far too expensive and his
meager advertising budget wouldn't attract enough
customers to get started.

Merle was a secretary at a college for many years.
She retired recently. She misses the interaction with
students. And spends her time surfing the Internet.
She has an idea for starting a business matching
students with other students in her community who
are looking to share housing. And thinks the Internet
would be a perfect avenue to reach out to them and
attract clients.

What do they have in common?

They need to reach a wider audience.
They have a product or service to sell.
They have a talent to promote.
Their funds are very limited.

If you can relate to a few of the above and answered
"Yes" this sounds exactly like me!

Well, you need a website!

Thanks to modern technology Gray Taurean Prince Jersey , the rapid advancement of
the Internet, computers, and peripheral equipment, the
Internet offers individuals an avenue to inexpensively
market Gray Caris LeVert Jersey , promote, or sell a product, service, or
business. People across the planet will have immediate
twenty-four hour access to your website.

In fact Gray Kyrie Irving Jersey , anyone with an Internet connection and a
few basic computer skills can easily build a website
for free or very inexpensively.

So, what are you waiting for?

Having a website is a convenient and cost effective way
to market your business and reach a larger consumer base.
Once it was thought having a business on the Internet was
out of reach for the average person. That is certainly
no longer true! Make it your goal to build a website
here and now!

BB Lee is EditorPublisher of SmallBizBits Home Based
Business Newsletter. Subscribe Now and receive a free ebook!
Visit http:www.geocitiessmallbizbits
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