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ctacular sites of the two glaciers. Staying in one of the local hotels with a hotel deal is ideal for easy access to these amenities.

Helicopters land on top of the glaciers and allow people a wonderful view of this awe inspiring site. Heli hiking as the experience is called offers an amazing panorama of Mt Cook and Mt Tasman as well as of the Tasman Sea. This area of the glacier isn?t easily gotten to by walking and so the heli-hiking offers something few people see.

Ice Trekking

For those that like a little more adventure Maglia Leonardo Bonucci , ice climbing trekking may be their cup of tea. This form of hiking involves people being harnessed in and climbing the sides of the glacier. This is needless to say a rewarding and also amazing experience, which offers safe but huge thrills. Climbing over overhangs and other such moves never done before will get your heart pumping and the adrenalin rushing.

If you want something different again, then why not just trek through a rain forest on the way to the glacier ? yes a rain forest beside a glacier ? this is New Zealand. This offers spectacular photo opportunities and allows you to see the best of the forest as you listen to the creaks of the moving glacier nearby and its millions of tonnes of ice.

Hot Baths

For more relaxing times the area also is famed for its hot baths and glacial hot pools. These are based near the town and are often included in hotel deals. Sit in the relaxing hot baths as you unwind and let your muscles loosen after a long days trekking. Many of these baths are secluded underneath the rainforest covering and allow amazing views of the night sky through the roof of the fantastic rainforest.

Other Amazing Activities

The area also includes other amazing opportunities such as sky diving over the Tasman Sea and kayaking on some of the areas wonderful mirror lakes. This offers a wonderful vista of the mountains, sky and the beautiful area as a whole.

The area of Franz Josef and Fox Glaciers is a spectacular one and is a place that anyone in New Zealand for holidays or more permanently must visit to appreciate it in its fullest.
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