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For those seeking an accredited online college which provides on line classes to those located in the United States Jean Segura Jersey , that result in an education viewed by employers as equal to that as one gained at a recognized USA campus college you can do no better than to get your degree from a school which is accredited by the same organization as the one which provides accreditation for campuses such as Notre Dame, Kansas State or the United States Air Force Academy.

The Middle States Commission on Higher Education also provides the accreditation for John Hopkins as well but the names of the online schools may surprise you. They include Kaplan University Mike Schmidt Jersey , Strayer Online and University of Phoenix to name a few.

The upside to attending an online college is many things including the tuition is usually lower and you can attend classes at your convenience. However there are some less attractive points a potential student should know about before they sign on the dotted line.

The online colleges mentioned are nothing more than the equivalent of a Hollywood set. They appear normal from the front view but if you were to look behind you would see that everything was just props. These colleges have gathered all the necessary ingredients to be able to offer students an education which is awarded the same accreditation therefore is recognized as being a degree which is accepted as those found at established campus based schools but that is the extent of their claim to fame.

Many times a school will advertise it places ninety percent of its students into jobs. The same is often advertised about placing students into internships. You should figure that you will not be in the ninety percent so expect that you will have to go out and find internship and expect that even if the school finds you placement that it isn't likely to be as good a job as you can find for yourself because the college is just trying to find positions for its students, not the best possible situation for your unique strong points nor will they be all that considerate of any special hours or days you may need to either work or have off so with all that in mind when it comes to job placement it may not be the worst of luck if you aren't placed by the school.

The most important reason for taking such a cynical approach to your online college experience is that you will likely be accepting a student loan from Uncle Sam in order to attend classes and that is not to be taken lightly because whether you pass your courses and get a degree which will of course lead to a better paying job making it easy for you to pay back your loan Throwback Philadelphia Phillies Jerseys , or not, it is a certainty that you will have to pay back the loan.

People who fail their classes end up back at their old job only now they are saddled with a large monthly installment that must be paid and many cannot keep up resulting in garnished wages that only cover the cost of the interest on the loan therefore the failed student becomes what is termed as a debt slave because they can never earn enough to pay off the principal of what they owe.

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